Staying Active During Mardi Gras

During a holiday that literally centers around gluttony and feasting, here are a few suggestions to stay active while still enjoying the season.

 The Lundi Gras Bar-a-Thon

 This event allows you to enjoy your favorite brews while burning off the calories you’re consuming, as you race from station to station.

Although this event brags of being the longest distance bar-a-thon in Louisiana, there is a float that runners can take a rest on along the route in case they get fatigued.

Runners can show up on bikes, skateboards or any device of their choosing, and are encouraged to wear costumes.

They can even win gift cards if theirs stands out from the crowd.

This year’s route will start at Corner Bar and hit adult hydration stations at Pete’s, Sandra’s Health Food Store, Ruffino’s and Tap Room.

To sign up for this event hosted by TRAIL, visit the TRAIL website at

Illuminated Bike Ride in Rio Parade

 If you’re looking for a burst of endorphins that doesn’t come from alcohol, consider gathering a group of friends to ride in Lafayette’s the Illuminated Bike Ride in the Rio Parade.

The parade will roll on Feb. 18 at 6:30 p.m. this year, and will run from Jefferson Street, down Johnston and end at North College Drive near Cajun Field.

This category was first added last year and registration was filled to capacity, so you may want to rally your team sooner rather than later.

Lighting is required on each bike, so you can even get some extra cardio in by having a bike light wrapping party.

Each team must consist of at least eight riders, and drinking and driving your bike during the parade is prohibited.

Email for more information about how to register for the event.

Stay fidgety while riding in parades

If you do plan to spend hours on a Mardi Gras float boozing it up and throwing goodies to the crowd, do yourself a favor by getting up to move around at least once every hour, and if you want to add to your calorie burn go ahead and fidget as you sit.

A 2007 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that whether you’re sitting or standing, you burn significantly more calories by fidgeting.

The study found that sitting and fidgeting burned more calories than standing motionless, and that walking burned the most calories out of all the activities they analyzed.

Keeping these tips in mind amidst the cries of, “Throw me something mister,” may you help you to avoid that post-parade bloated feeling.

 Stay conscious about alcohol consumption

Speaking of brews, unless there is a health claim attached to the beverage, companies are not required to list nutrition facts on their alcoholic beverages.

While there are close to 1800 calories in those sugary 32-oz daiquiris that are so popular this season, there are some lighter options to choose from as well.

A 5-oz. glass of wine contains around 125 calories, but staying conscious of what that looks like is important. If you tend to overfill your glass, you may be getting a lot more than the recommended serving size.

Beer may offer a better bang for your buck in terms of the amount you can consume that is attached to the least number of calories.

A 12 oz. can, Coors Light clocks in at 102 calories, Bud Light reports 110 calories per can and a

Budweiser will set you back 145 calories per drink.

If you’re dying for a mixed drink opt for a mojito which is on the lower end of the calorie spectrum. Every six ounces contains about 140 calories according to the National Institute of Health website.

Pick up a Gluten free or vegan king cake from Mortar and Pestle

You know you’re going to have at least one this season, so you may as well pick the healthier version of that decadent Carnival delight at local bakery Mortar & Pestle.

You can choose to stuff your cake with the filling of your choosing including Bavarian cream, caramel, chocolate and lemon, although this will create some added calories.

The gluten free version of the cake is made with brioche and the vegan version is created without butter, eggs or milk.

For more information about ingredients or pricing contact Mortar & Pestle at 337-534-0173.

Whether you’re deciding what to consume this season or how to stay active while remaining festive, Acadiana has plenty of options to keep you moving and feeling trim.