The weather has started changing and although the closest thing we’ve had to snow in Acadiana so far is the ungodly amount of fog, soon we won’t be able to leave the house without feeling a chill.

A recent study done in Australia found that being in nature for 30 minutes per week can reduce your risk for developing high blood pressure and depression.

Before things get too chilly, take advantage of your new-found knowledge by getting outdoors for your workout.

Sunday Runs at Corner Bar 

If you need a motivating way to kick off your week, be sure to check out this fun fitness event.

The three-mile route takes runners from the Corner Bar parking lot, through the parking lot of Red’s, through the neighborhoods behind it and back again.

Runners are rewarded for their hard work after with a free beer, sangria or margarita, and have the opportunity to connect with old and new friends while they enjoy their free beverage.

The run normally starts at 6 p.m., but stay alert for updates on the Cajun Road Runner Facebook page, because the start time is pushed back when Daylight Savings Time begins.

Trail runs at Acadiana Park 

Acadiana Park lies on the often forgotten Northside of town, but is home to a Nature Station and trails, some of which make up the route used for the annual Cajun Country Half Marathon.

These picturesque trails offer a way to get out in nature and burn off the energy you may have stored from the extra marshmallows you snuck in while curled up next to the bonfire over the weekend.

You can bring a canine friend to join you on your run as long as they are leashed and do not disturb the wildlife.

Bikes are not allowed on the trails, but Acadiana Park is also home to 3.7 miles of mountain bike trails.

Cyclists are free to use the trails, which are maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers from Mountain Bike Acadiana, but should remain aware while using them since they cross with walking paths at several points along the way.

For more information about the park or for a map of the trails, visit, and for a map of the mountain bike trails visit

Kayaking or Standup Paddleboarding on Lake Martin

If you’re looking to take advantage of one of Acadiana’s local waterways, head out to Lake Martin to go kayaking or try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding.

Day and weekend long rentals of both kayaks and paddleboards are available at Pack & Paddle, which is located fairly close by on E. Pinhook Road.

Hourly rentals are also available from Champagne’s Swamp Tours, which is located directly on Lake Martin.

Kayaking can be a full body workout and stand-up paddle boarding requires both balance and strength, so these are great workouts to take advantage of while the weather is still nice.

Be sure to stay safety conscious by bringing a buddy along or telling a friend about your excursion.

Bike around Lafayette

Lafayette has slowly but surely been adding bike paths to the area over the past several years.

The Mickey Shunick bike Loop runs through a significant chunk of Lafayette, and downtown can be idyllic place to ride when safety precautions are taken and bikers remain aware of traffic.

Riding through the UL campus may be the most convenient option since TRAIL offers rentals for multi-speed road bikes, cruisers and mountain bikes from its office located on Coolidge Street for a daily fee.

Additionally the university has recently launched a bike share program that is free for community members to use as long as they sign up for the system at

For more information on bike rental prices at TRAIL, contact 337-781-9416.

Join a team at Acadiana Sports League 

Finally, if you’re looking for a good dose of recreation and a way to unwind with friends, you may consider joining a team at Acadiana Sports League.

A few of the leagues include 6 on 6 Soccer, Dodge Ball, Golf and Flag Football, so the opportunities to play a sport you enjoy abound.

If you can’t convince your friends to shell out the cash to join your team, you can join the Free Agents team, which brings together players in the same boat as you.

Registration deadlines vary, so check out the website at to find out the next registration deadline for the league of your choice.

Whatever workout you choose, taking time to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors during one of your weekly workouts could revolutionize your workout.