Orange Theory Fitness Coming to Lafayette

Orange Theory Coming to Lafayette

Orange Theory

If you value competitive workouts and staying on top of your fitness progress, then Lafayette’s newest fitness addition may be a match for you.

Orangetheory Fitness boasts of a full body workout, that aims to get people in the fat-burning zone, better known as the Orange Zone.

Class goers can range through five different heart rate zones, but in the Orange Zone, about 84% of their max heart rate is being used, and it keeps them burning calories for up to 36 hours post-workout.

By remaining in this zone for 12-20 minutes, the E.P.O.C., or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption effect, is achieved.

Orangetheory Fitness Head Trainer, Patricia Massey explained, “This means that for the next 36 hours you’re burning about nine times more than you would if you had not worked out the day before. It creates an after-burn effect, which revs up your metabolism.”

Each user’s output from the class is tracked with a heart rate monitor and their workout is specifically designed to coincide with their baseline fitness.

TV Monitors are placed throughout the studio so participants can view their progress in real-time throughout the workout.

They can also see how they match up against fellow exercisers based on points they earn throughout the session.

At the end of the workout, users also receive an output of their scores and performance, delivered to their phone via the Orangetheory Fitness App.

Classes are designed to torch calories, and the average calorie burn per class ranges between 600 and 1200 calories per class.

When participants sign up they self-identify as walkers, joggers or runners.

Their workout equipment and exercise prompts are then adjusted to meet their level of fitness throughout each session.

Massey said, “The walker starts at one level and the runner starts at another, so when it’s time to speed up your treadmill it’s just as hard for the walker as it is for the runner. By the end of the class the walker may have more points than the runner, because it’s based on your fitness level.”

Throughout the workout, the trainer leads the class through three levels of intensity, Base, Push and All Out.

Massey said, “We want to help you get comfortable with being a little uncomfortable. Watching your monitor on the screen is a great distraction, because even though you’re exerting yourself and it’s difficult, you’re seeing the benefits right in front of you.“

Each session utilizes orthopedic treadmills, rowing machines, TRX straps, kettle bells, weights, and exercise balls to achieve the desired results.

Massey identifies herself as the competitive type who is driven by the fact that she can view her progress throughout the workout in real time.

“It’s such a results driven workout and it’s backed by science, so it’s not just someone making up random exercises that they think will work for you,” said Massey. “It has also been highlighted as the top fitness workout in the country by several leading fitness magazines and the New York Times.”

The soft opening of Orangetheory Fitness is set for mid-December, but check for updates on the official opening date.

Participants who sign up before the grand opening can sign up for unlimited classes at a rate of $139 per month, and after the grand-opening rates will rise to $169 per month.

Orangetheory is also partnering with Oui Yoga to offer discounted rates to those who sign up for both Orangetheory and Oui memberships.

For more information about Orangetheory Fitness or to sign up for the program, visit