Lucky Community Workout with Anytime Fitness

If the brisk weather is making you lean towards skipping your Saturday morning workout for a Netflix marathon and a cup of hot chocolate, don’t give in just yet, because Anytime Fitness of Couret Farms is serving up a dose of motivation this weekend.

This Saturday the Couret Farms and Opelousas locations of Anytime Fitness are hosting a free community workout.

The event will give locals a chance to get social and try a different type of Saturday morning workout.

Anytime Fitness Regional Director, Ethan Smoorenburg, said, “We want to engage with community and make it known that we’re willing to coach people at their level, while breeding a sense of camaraderie and companionship. There’s a rush to meet fitness goals in the first quarter of the year and we want to keep those passions rolling. We thought this would be a good time to get people together to let them know what we’re about while supporting their fitness goals in a comfortable setting.”

The workout is free and open to both adults and kids, and will take place next to Romacelli Bistro at the Couret Farms location and in South City Park at the Opelousas location.

This weekend’s workout will be a total body circuit, with equal parts, upper and lower body, core and cardio with some team building activities at the end designed to build relationships.

Smoorenburg said, “Our goal as a club is to improve your quality life extension, so we train you for performance. Anytime Fitness is a 24/7 co-ed facility but we want to make sure that we are not only a convenient facility, but one that provides coaching.”

Multiple fitness coaches will be onsite to offer advice both throughout and after the workout.

Smoorenburg said, “Our motto is to help you get to a healthier place and we want to provide a surprisingly personal experience. We do that by providing the one on one attention people deserve throughout the life cycle of their membership. We want to transition your need to fitness to a want for fitness.”

This event is a preview for the Community Workouts that will take place every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. in May at the Couret Farms and Opelousas locations.

The Lucky Community Workout will take place this Saturday morning, March 18, at 10 a.m. and will last around 30 minutes.

All nonmembers who attend the event will receive a free 7-day pass to the Anytime Fitness the workout takes place at.

Joining in this community workout may just give you a little more luck this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, no guarantees, but you’re getting a workout in either way.

For more information about the Lucky Community Workout or Anytime Fitness, visit their Facebook page at or call 337-706-8385.