9Round Offers Variety and Convenience

When Matthew Kennedy and his wife finally agreed on a studio they both enjoyed working out at, they were so overjoyed that they decided to bring the concept to Lafayette.

9Round Kickboxing offers a full body workout that incorporates kickboxing and cardio to create an engaging workout that literally changes every three minutes.

Kennedy and his wife fell in love with the workout for the variety and convenience it offered.

Kennedy explained, “At other gyms we ended up having the same excuses, either we didn’t have time or it was too crowded or we couldn’t get into a class. When we found this gym, it answered all those questions, because it was convenient, affordable and a personal trainer is included in your membership.”

After receiving their 9Round certifications at the original gym in Greenville, South Carolina, the couple opened their gym in Lafayette and haven’t looked back since.

Kennedy said, “Mostly people love how dynamic it is and that the workout changes every day and every three minutes. Some people have told us they want to build endurance but they hate to run and treadmills and ellipticals are boring. Other people have told us that they love coming in and punching the bags because it makes them feel better and it’s a release.”

The workout is designed so that every three minutes, 9Rounders switch to the next station to complete moves like upper cuts, kicks, medicine ball sit ups and jump rope drills.

Between each round there is an active 30 second rest, which combined with the nine, three minute stations make up a thirty-minute workout.

The workout is led by 9Round trainers who demonstrate each move and coach participants through the rounds.

Whether you tend to run a few minutes late or you just can’t help but hit snooze in the morning, the workouts at 9Round are designed to start when you show up.

Kennedy said, “At other gyms if you show up late to a workout class you’re going to miss part of that workout. You can’t miss any of this workout even if you show up a few minutes later than you intended to.”

9Round members have access to a nutrition forum where they can ask questions to the staff nutritionist and access healthy recipes and ideas for quick meals.

Kennedy and his staff work to meet people where they’re at, but it’s up to the client to decide how far they want to push themselves.

Kennedy said, “We modify the goal for whoever the person is, but the harder you push yourself, the harder we can push you the more you will get out of it.”

For more information about 9Round Kickboxing, visit 9round.com/fitness/Lafayette-LA-x2030 or call 337-415-9763.